claudia fanelli

Claudia Fanelli, mom, wife, teacher, proud American of Italian descent, freelance photographer ( writer and blogger (  I have been writing as a freelancer and actively blogging since 2006 (have you checked out my aches and pains of growing up Italian-American, honoring the maloik and surviving without Locatelli cheese? Please visit Italian American Tales by Claudia Fanelli)

Why “Finch?”  Because Fanelli in Italian means finches!

Additionally I am:

  • an avid Eagles and Phillies phan
  • a Scarface buff
  • a daddy’s girl
  • an avid crafter
  • a would-be comedian (just ask my students)
  • a believer in following your heart to happiness and…
  • the proud owner of a brand new prosthetic knee

I’d love for you to check out all of my professional photography portfolios and blogs, listed here

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