1. He had a crush on Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman)

2. His favorite movie was the Old Man and the Sea

3. His favorite dog was the Akita though he never owned one.

4. His favorite trip was his honeymoon in Miami

5. He was a staunch Republican who once voted democrat- for Ed Rendell-because he didn’t want a Pittsburgh Steeler to be PA governor (Lynn Swann)

6. One of his all-time favorite songs was Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstadt.

7. He made some mean waffles and pancakes on Saturday mornings.

8. Gussie also made killer Italian hoagies (romaine lettuce), for his fishing trips and awesome cheesesteaks. No wiz for him. He used provolone.  His secret ingredient was oregano.

9. Any potential “suitor” who my sister and I wanted to date immediately received the thumbs down if he wore shoes with no socks.

10. My dad’s happy place was a cabin he shared with his buddies in Potter County, PA. He left for hunting every year the day after Thanksgiving for buck season. I was always thrilled when he came home with a beard since it was the only time he ever grew one.

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