As I’ve mentioned before, my father was an avid hunter, into his 70’s.  He only hunted deer (bucks) and left for Potter County, PA for buck season the Friday after Thanksgiving and returned the following weekend. He never missed a season.  Before I was born he had a faithful companion that accompanied him and helped him get his buck.  Her name was Brandy.  Brandy was his hunting dog- a beautiful German, short-haired pointer and Gussie loved her.  As a child I heard many stories about Brandy, told with a wistful look in my father’s eye. He missed that dog a lot. When I was 6 and my parents bought our new house, there was German, Short-haired pointer in the yard that looked just like Brandy.  My father made them an offer on the house and asked if they would include the dog.  They said yes.  Imagine our disappointment when we moved in found out that the owners had reneged on the dog.


Here is a brown pointer in action:

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I recently went to a medium (don’t laugh until you’ve been to this woman, she solves police cases), and among other amazing things she told me was that she saw a black and white spotted dog with my father, and that my father had a beard and mustache (again, you’d have had to have read my previous post to understand the significance of this). This made me so happy- it meant my father had been reunited with his four-legged buddy and that he was enjoying his favorite time of year. And I don’t doubt what she said because that was too specific to have just randomly guessed when I had not told her anything- she didn’t even know my last name when I made the appointment.

So, this small piece of information is somewhat consoling to me in my grief, to know that my father found Brandy.  Here they are together in younger days.

My beautiful picture
Gussie was a huge dog lover
Happy hunting to both of them!

If you are interested in German short-haired pointers, here is a club in the Philadelphia area: Eastern German Shorthaired Pointer Club

And here is the link to the German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue Rescue.

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